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First, here is your International Association's  Annual CPE  schema.
Next, professional online profiles (and contact info) of current volunteers are included within the position / team / committee description tables further below.

How It All Works
Your local chapter provides member-volunteer opportunities in either of:  Appointed ( a. Director, b. Team Member, c. ad-hoc Volunteer ) or Elected Board of Directors positions.  Board positions come open during election season per the Bylaws and call for a 1 yr commitment with a 2nd consecutive yr optional.  Appointed positions are open-ended commitment-wise and may be filled year-round so inquire !  Whichever path you choose, together we enhance the experience of our members and the community in a collaborative and inviting atmosphere. 

Your chapter is: 
  • Governed by our Chapter Bylaws, and thus committed to our stated purpose in Article II; 
  • Directed by Officers with their specific duties listed in Article V and VII; 
  • Planned and executed through Teams / Committees (per Article VIII) which are:  
  • Each run by a Director and comprised of Volunteers;
  • Volunteers may assume more (or less) responsibility per their agreed availability.
Board and Director positions typically require a commitment of time and energy expected of those with the desire to advance the profession and give back.   Put your best foot forward and inquire to with your contact info and interest area(s).  We will work with you to find the best fit for your skills, experience, and availability.

A key chapter goal for rapidly broadening our chapter’s leader base is to encourage ALL of our members to first get their feet wet in an Appointed position(s).   Note that individuals may serve in more than one Appointed position, per Board approval and role compatibility, e.g. a candidate running for elected office would not serve on the Nominating Committee.  We hope that some of these beginning as Appointed will later choose to run for the larger time commitment required for Elected office. 

The Positions and Teams / Committees Explained

Below are the general role descriptions for the Board of Directors followed by the Appointed positions, not exhaustive but exemplary.  Specific Board duties are listed in the Bylaws with even more detailed information found within ISACA International's on-going chapter leadership support program.  Current Board members can assist prospective volunteers with more information about the positions (emails included below).  Finally, volunteers on-boarded will please complete the following forms:  Willingness to Serve; Conflict of Interest disclosure; and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), primarily for handling personally identifiable information (PII) within the chapter.

THE ELECTED BOARD OF DIRECTORS  (1 yr terms w/ 2nd yr optional)  
  • Duties as governed by Chapter Bylaws 
  • Usually slated from the existing Board
  • Executive head of the chapter and looked upon as the local representative of ISACA by the membership and the community.  Directs chapter activities and efforts to ensure professional and personal growth for the membership.
  • Provides needed disbursements in the absence of the VP and Director of Finance
  • Defacto member of all teams / committees
  • Oversees the Corporate Relations Team
  • Load-shares oversight of the Programs Team and Education-Certification Team with the VP and Directors at Large
  • Contact:
  • 2017-    Stan Lozovsky, Security+ CE
 Vice President
  • Duties as governed by Chapter Bylaws 
  • In the event of the President's absence or disability, the Vice President assumes the duties of the President, including, but not limited to, presiding at meetings of the Chapter and the chapter Board
  • Responsible to the President, chapter Board and the chapter membership
  • Oversees the Academic Relations Team
  • Load-shares oversight of the Hospitality Team and Member Services Team with the Director of Communications
  • Gives additional assurance alongside the Dir. of Communications on follow-through with key obligations
  • Works alongside the Dir. of Communications to establish good relationship with event-site management
  • Provides needed disbursements in the absence of the Director of Finance
  • Contact:
  • 2017-    Kevin Cedeño, Security+ CE
 Director of Communications & Marketing
  • Duties as governed by Chapter Bylaws 
  • Maintains the chapter records, minutes from board meetings, and the chapter Bylaws
  • Responsible for the maintenance and retention of forms, documents, and correspondence
  • Gives additional assurance alongside the VP on follow-through with key obligations
  • Works alongside the VP to establish good relationship with event-site management
  • Load-shares oversight of Hospitality Team and Member Services Team with the VP
  • Load-shares oversight of the Chapter Archive with the Director of Finance
  • Oversees the Reservations, Website, Newsletter and Job Board teams, their processes and technology in absence of a dedicated team coordinator.
  • Contact:
  • Denise Marie Ward, CISA

 Director of Finance
  • Prepares and maintains the official books and accounting records for the chapter
  • Files tax forms and responds to audit/review/verification requests. Maintains appropriate internal controls over the chapter’s financial assets.
  • Provides needed disbursements to assure that business partners and those bearing ad-hoc expenses are paid in a timely manner.  
  • Oversees the Treasury Coordinator.
  • Load-shares oversight of the Chapter Archive with the Director of Communications
  • Contact:
  • Open Position

 Young Professionals

Director of Membership

  • Leads the Members Services Committee
  • Servers as direct advocate to members
  • Maintains and analyses membership and subscriber lists
  • Share-load responsibility with Communications team to provide data statistics and analytics capabilities to board
  • Share-load responsibility with Communications team to conduct outreach to members for feedback and engagement
  • Promotes membership benefits in industry events and outreach campaigns
  • Dr. Calvin Benjamin, CISA,CISM
 Past President(s)
  • Serves as an advisor and backup liaison for the President and Board
  • May organize events and handle the full spectrum of duties as required
  • Serves on (while the Immediate P.P. chairs) the Nominating Committee
  • Contact:
  • 2012-2014   Christopher Pizzano,
  • 2014-2017   Jeffrey T. Lukins, MSE, CRISC, CISA, CIPT, CISSP, CEH
Past Board Members  


  Training Director


  • Member of the Education & Certification Team
  • Option to be a Chapter Trainer using the official Association courseware
  • Promote mentoring between recent exam passers and exam registrants
  • Inform and encourage individual exam registrants during their preparation
  • Promote the certification inside and outside the chapter 
  • John Grimes, CISA
  • Contact:
     Open  CGEIT - Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT
     Open  CISA    - Certified Information System Auditor
     Open  CISM   - Certified Information Security Manager
  Christopher Pizzano    COBIT - The GEIT Business Framework:  Foundation, Assessor, Implementation
     Open  CRISC  - Certified in Risk and Information System Control
     Open  CSX     - Cyber Security Nexus:  Foundation, Practitioner, Specialist x 5, Expert
     Open  CCA     - Certified CMMI Associate
 Research Liaison(s):
  • Members of the Programs, Newsletter, Education & Certification Teams
  • Engages community SME's
  • Support / backup to Chapter Trainers
  • Newsletter ad-hoc content provider
 Christopher Pizzano
  • GEIT - Governance of Enterprise IT 
  • PE & CE - Process Excellence and Change Enablement 
  • Organization Resilience,  Workforce Development 
  • Privacy - Surveillance & Society,  Information Ethics 
 Treasury Coordinator
  • Runs the registration table at events handling all monies and receipts
  • Gathers ad-hoc expense receipts such as for event catering / giveaways / incidentals
  • Records names of prize-winners and gift-recipients on the check-in sheet
  • Stewards the check-in sheet alongside the Reservations Coordinator for the event duration, then takes final possession of the check-in sheet, monies and receipts and hands to designated Board member at end of meeting
  • Contact:  VP or Finance
  • Member of the Member Services Team
  • Monitors electronic event registration and sends out acknowledgements
  • Create the door check-in list(s)
  • Help sustain good relationship with event-site management
  • Notify Director of Communications and Finance of cancellations before and no-shows after to initiate rapid refund and invoicing
  • Stewards the check-in sheet alongside the Treasury Coordinator for the duration of the meeting
  • Notates both planned volunteer and day-of ad-hoc volunteering on the check-in sheet, along with the actual attendance, all collectively for CPE tracking
  • Contact:
 Newsletter Crew         
 Job Board 


  • Perform annual and periodic member surveys
  • Build speaker pipeline
  • Set annual lunch-and-learn calendar
  • Get IP agreement, coordinate topic and slideset content
  • Ensure facility equipment readiness
  • Forward final copy of slideset to Director of Communications for archival
  • Contact:
  • Audit Chapter financial accounts at the close of the fiscal year
  • Provide a report to the Board for delivery to the membership at the AGM
  • Contact: 
  • Temporary entity established during election season per the Bylaws Article VI
  • Solicits and gathers candidate interest and applications for elected offices
  • Works with the chapter Board to review and propose the Slate of Candidates
  • Contact:

 Education & Certification
  • Coordinate multi-CPE events, e.g. cert reviews, of ½ day or more
  • Research options for low-cost, best value training venues
  • Maintain roster of chapter volunteer trainers and SME’s
  • Arrange periodic certification promotional events apart from chapter functions
  • Coordinate with Corporate Relations for joint events
  • Contact:
 Member Services
  • Programs for member recognition, retention, job board
  • CPE tracking and support of 3rd party CPE audits
  • Maintain contact lists
  • Contact:
  • Monitor online event registration and help with door check-in
  • Handle facility and catering arrangements
  • Procure door prizes
  • Distribute materials at tables and the door and greet attendees
  • Handle lodging and transportation if needed
  • Contact:
 Academic Relations
  • Support the Association's Academic Advocate program
  • Support local faculty and their respective student chapters
  • Help on-board young professionals
  • Contact:
  • Specialized extension of the Corporate Relations Team
  • Develops and sustains the chapter communication plan
  • Manages website, IT services agreement, newsletter, social media
  • Enables official messaging from the Board
  • Submits chapter application to HQ for annual Communications Award
  • Contact:
 Corporate Relations & Marketing
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