Elections 2018

Join Us, Shape Your Chapter, Shape Your Future !
Election Date: June 18th, 2018

Have you been pondering volunteering for an "Appointed" or "Elected" position with your chapter?  

It will soon be annual "election season" at your Huntsville Chapter and in these weeks leading up to the Annual General Meeting in June, we will be taking nominations (yourself or someone you know). Otherwise the "Appointed" positions are available year-round. Just follow a couple of simple steps to submit your nominations.

1. Review volunteer positions available at the Volunteer page.

Vacant Positions:
  • Director of Communications
  • Director of Finance
  • Director of Corporate Relations

2. Send us a nomination via the following form link or directly at nominations@isaca-huntsville.org

Benefits of volunteering:

- Up to 10 additional CPEs/year to help you maintain certifications.
- Broaden your network of global professionals.
- Share and gain knowledge.
- Give back to the profession.
- Enhance your influence and recognition as an expert and leader.
- Achieve professional growth and personal satisfaction.

For more information about volunteering beyond our local chapter:

ISACA HQ on Volunteering - http://www.isaca.org/About-ISACA/Volunteering/Pages/default.aspx

Join Us, Shape Your Chapter, Shape Your Future...

Highest Regards,

The Chapter Board

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